Types of Tours

Found ' Em Kayak Fishing Guides has several ways to get you out on the water! Whether you're looking to get out and get on the fish for the day, or simply take your family and friends out on a scenic tour. We've got you covered!


Guided Fishing Tours

If you're looking for some good hooksets during your time off, you found the right people. Our guides are knowledgable, die hard fisherman, and are great company out on the water! Whether you're an accomplished angler, or just a weekend warrior, we've got you covered! we'll teach you all of our secrets and techniques.

Scenic Paddle Tours

WNC is full of beautiful bodies of water. From rivers to reservoirs, they all hold amazing beauty and scenery for the recreational paddler. Pick your boats, and come out for an afternoon. We would love to show you around!


About us

Found 'Em Fishing was born out of passion. We love the outdoors, plain and simple. We find our serenity there, and we want to share that. Through education and consciousness, we are out there to protect the beautiful waterways in WNC. There is a special bond between self and nature that almost can't be explained out there. A peace that so many have forgotten in their daily lives. For us, there is something meditative about smooth paddle strokes through water, come with us, you'll see.


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